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About Us


Covenant Educational Consultancy is a registered educational consulting firm with the focus of precipitating the birth of change agents in our education sector. We passionately pursue the development of a sense of dignity of labour in the teaching profession through school management and education services. We are a professionalism and productivity enabler for education institutions that are of corporate standard.                                                                      

Our Vision

To remain accredited passionate education consulting firm, also a professional counselling and coaching company turning teaching and teachers’ world around to produce standard schools, truly educated students and future model adults who are able and capable to handle responsibilities.                                                  

Our Mission

To use Godly principles, personal experiences, research-based discoveries, sound, and updated education information to develop education/teaching model practices, produce quality teaching personnel and outstanding, resourceful and productive students who will grow up to be adults who will make their societies worth living.                                                                         

Our Core Values

– Godliness
– Excellence
– Commitment
– Professionalism
– Passion
– Integrity